Chase Bank Transaction Posting Policy

Your transactions are posted immediately by Chase.

When you make a deposit with Chase Bank, the transaction is posted immediately to your account and to Chase Online with a "pending" status. The funds become fully available, according to Chase policy, within six business days.


Same-Day Availability

Cash, direct deposit and wire transfers are generally available on the same day in most regions. All other deposits require at least one business day to post.

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Next-Day Availability

Checks from Chase accounts are made fully available on the next business day in most areas. For non-Chase checks, whether local or out-of-state, $100 from the deposit is available on the next business day.


Large Deposits

For large deposits from a non-Chase or non-local bank, $400 will be available for use on the second business day, with $7,500 available on the third or fourth business day, depending on your local area. The full amount is not released until the fifth or sixth business day after deposit.




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