Your Next Gig Could Be Binge-Watching for Netflix

It's rare that a job opens up that's so perfect for our favorite bad habits, but Netflix, as ever, has our backs. A new posting is making the rounds for an editorial analyst in the Originals department, and yes, it's exactly what you think and more.

The Los Angeles-based position calls for someone who will "watch, research, rate, tag, annotate, and write analysis for movie and TV content." The description also notes a deadline-driven environment and proficiency with metadata. Netflix's first requirement, however, is "deep knowledge" of the film and television industry. Basically? If you're a big media nerd, this could be the job for you.

For anyone who's ever faced doubts about getting work with a humanities degree, the editorial analyst should be able to detect and analyze story nuance and write about it quickly and concisely. Most interestingly, Netflix has made proficiency in a non-English language a mandatory factor. We already know that speaking multiple languages can help you earn higher salaries; now it can get you in the door at one of the biggest cultural drivers operating today.

The job posting also presents a good opportunity to practice and understand cover letters. The goal of any cover letter and resume is to respond to a job listing and tell a story about how your skills and experiences match up to the company's wishlist. This writeup provides a good frame to base your response on. Meanwhile, applicants from marginalized identities, especially women and people of color, should remember that this posting is an ideal, not a set of ironclad requirements. Don't take yourself out of the running, even if you can't tick off more than a few boxes — after all, Netflix and any others hiring could always say yes.