The Average Salary of a Nascar Commentator

NASCAR commentatories love the sport.

Few things are faster than watching a NASCAR driver speed around a track. The ultimate job for a car lover might be to watch those cars every week and talk about the drivers, statistics and likely winners. NASCAR commentators have this job and are paid based on experience and visibility.



The qualifications for being a NASCAR commentator vary. Most commentators who appear on national broadcasts are former NASCAR drivers. They drove the cars so they can explain what is happening to the drivers at different times. They are also able to discuss the track and the effects of weather on the drivers' performance. They can give color commentary about when they were drivers.


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Salaries vary for NASCAR commentators. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008 the lowest-level broadcast correspondents were paid less than $20,178 and the highest were paid more than $77,000. NASCAR commentator salaries are not publicly disclosed. However, it may be presumed that former NASCAR drivers who comment during big races are paid at the higher levels.


Work Environment

NASCAR commentators do not work typical nine to five jobs. They work mostly on weekends and broadcast only during NASCAR season. This season spreads from February through November each year. These jobs entail frequent travel, with races held almost every weekend in a different state. It can also include travel to film and talk to drivers in their hometowns.


Job Outlook

According to the BLS, there will be a moderate decline in employment for all broadcasting jobs through 2018. This would include sports commentators such as for NASCAR events. These are highly competitive positions.