Earn Drinks at Starbucks With This New Visa Card

Hey, we heard you like coffee, so we put coffee in your credit card so you can get coffee while you get coffee. That's the meme-y gist of Starbucks' announcement this week that it's pairing up with Visa to deliver its own credit card later this year. And yes — you really can get coffee as a perk.

If you're excited enough about a Starbucks credit card, to be backed by Chase, you're probably its target audience. There's a $49 annual fee, but superfans of the ubiquitous café will probably make that worth their while. Cardholders are automatically enrolled in Starbucks' loyalty program, with a few extra kickbacks.

It all comes down to Stars, the reward points you can earn both at Starbucks counters and anywhere else that takes Visa. You still have to use up your rewards within six months of earning them, but you also get:

  • Get 2,500 Stars once you spend $500 in the first three months
  • One Star for every $4 spent outside of Starbucks, and one Star for every dollar spent at Starbucks
  • Automatic Gold Status in Starbucks Rewards
  • Eight free barista-curated foods or beverages each year

Some speculate that Starbucks is rolling out this branded credit card to make up for a soft end-of-year in 2017, when new holiday beverages didn't prove as popular as anticipated. But if you're a coffee addict, that's probably far from your thoughts. Current members of Starbucks Rewards can link an existing account, so no worries that you'll lose your current standing. And with 8,000 Starbucks locations accepting the forthcoming card, you have potentially a lot more coffee to look forward to.