How To Delete My Account

How To Delete My Account
Closing an account involves working directly with the business where the account exists.

Gather all statements and documentation for the account. Make sure that the same account number appears on all items. For example, if closing out a bank account, verify the original account creation paperwork lists the same account number as all bank statements.

Make sure that your full, legal name is spelled properly on all documents. Ensure your account lists your physical address and make sure that all information matches your proof of identification. For example, if your account is in your maiden name and you have since changed your name due to marriage, find a copy of the older version of the same proof of identification showing your maiden name. Have both versions copied.

Find the contact information for the company, organization or business where your account is on file. For example, look at the top of statements for the mailing address or telephone number of the entity. Call the number listed and ask to speak to someone in account management. Tell the representative over the phone that you wish to close your account. Ask the representative to close your account effective immediately. Ask to have verification of the account being closed sent to you.

Follow up with a written letter mailed to the mailing address of the company. In the letter, state your full name, your name as it appears or has appeared on the account, your contact information including telephone number and the full account number that you have on file. State specifically in the letter you request the account to be closed. Reference your telephone discussion with an account representative and state the person's name, date and time of the phone call. Include a copy of your proof of identity, with all sensitive information blacked out such as your social security number, and send to the company. Make sure to date your letter and request a written response or verification so you have proof the account was closed.