How to Remove a Deceased Spouse From Utility Bills

Change the billing on your utilities after a spouse's death.

The period of time following a spouse's death may seem overwhelming, both emotionally and physically. Unfortunately, you also have business and financial matters to settle. If bills and accounts had both your names on them, you may wish to change these accounts. Remove a deceased spouse from utility bills to change the account over to your name only.


Step 1

Order death certificates, if you do not have them. The funeral director who handled your spouse's funeral can assist you with this. Alternatively, contact the vital statistics office in your state, by mail or over the Internet, and request a death certificate. You must complete a form and remit a fee.


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Step 2

Gather all utility bills. This may include electric, gas, water, telephone, cable, Internet and garbage collection. Note the utility bills that have your deceased spouse's name.

Step 3

Find the contact numbers for the utility accounts that require a change. Call each one and tell the representative that you want to remove your deceased spouse's name from your account.



Step 4

Follow the representative's instructions. You may be able to remove the name by telephone, or you may have to submit a request in writing, possibly including a death certificate.



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