How to Change a Name on Billing Accounts

How to Change a Name on Billing Accounts
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If you have recently changed your name due to marriage or other reasons, one of the things you should do is update your name with creditors and other billing accounts. Most companies have an easy protocol that will allow you to update your name. Depending on the extent of your name change, you may be required to provide proof of the change.

Step 1

Contact the billing company. Generally a telephone number will be listed on your bill. If not, try visiting the company's website to obtain contact information.

Step 2

Advise the company representative that your name needs be updated on the bill. If the update is minor, such as a last name change due to marriage or a name that was previously misspelled, the representative should be able to easily change your name. If you have legally changed your entire name, the company may require you to mail or fax a certified copy of your legal name change.

Step 3

Obtain a reference number from the company representative as your proof that you did call to request the name change.

Step 4

View your next bill to ensure that your name has been updated.