How to Transfer the Name on a Gas Bill

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When you move into a rental property, the landlord may ask for you to transfer the gas bill into your name. When you do this, you take responsibility for the payments. You also can avoid penalties or shut-offs due to the bill still being sent to the landlord.


Step 1

Call your landlord and get the account number on the gas bill.

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Step 2

Call the gas company's customer service line. Listen to the phone prompts to see if a specific option for bill transfers exists. Otherwise choose the option to speak with a customer service representative.


Step 3

Give the customer service rep the address and account number for the gas account. Give the rep your name, and your landlord's name if needed.


Step 4

Ask about any transfer fees. Some gas companies charge a fee to transfer accounts, and you may also be required to pay a security deposit. These charges are typically issued on the first gas bill.



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