How Can I Get Drug Rehab Without a Job or Insurance?

Community programs and nonprofit organizations offer free drug rehabilitation.

Drug addiction can be ravaging to a person's life. Often, the addicts who need help most end up without jobs or health insurance. The people who run various rehabilitation programs know this and provide options for those who need help. The key is to figure out which form of rehab works for your situation and to contact the appropriate organization or government agency to which you can apply for admission.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous and its related programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon offer treatment and support free of charge. Meetings are held in communities throughout the nation and programs operate through donations and volunteers. Addicts in need can join this 12-step rehab program without application by simply showing up to a meeting and choosing to participate. Many chapters of Narcotics Anonymous hold daily meetings for those in need of frequent support. See resources for a list of meeting schedules and locations on the NA website.

County Health Departments

Counties throughout the United States have public health programs to serve the poor and uninsured. In large, urban counties such as Los Angeles County, drug rehabilitation programs are not only part of the health care offerings, but take place at clinics and medical facilities throughout the county. Those without income can often receive rehabilitation and medical services at no cost. County departments of health make information available on their websites. You can also call your county hospital or county administration offices for details. Some communities offer free and confidential 211 community information and resources lines that can make counseling referrals.(See resources)

Nonprofit Organizations

Numerous nonprofit organizations provide free counseling, support and even inpatient rehabilitation to drug addicts. Many religious organizations including Catholic Family Services and Beit T'Shuvah offer faith-based rehab counseling in both outpatient and inpatient formats at low or no cost. Similarly, secular nonprofits such as Narconon International offer subsidized rehab programs to those of any or no faith. You can get information from places of worship, county health programs, drug and mental health crisis center hotlines and hospitals. The National Addition and Substance Abuse Information Center also offers a database of drug rehab programs throughout the country available online or by phone. (See resources)

Not-for-Profit Hospitals

Not-for-profit hospitals operate in communities throughout America. Most are run by educational, religious and community foundations. Frequently, not-for-profit hospitals are affiliated with charitable foundations such as the Loma Linda University Hospital which is attached to the Seventh Day Adventist Church or the Franciscan Healthcare System in Tacoma and Olympia, Washington which was founded by and remains affiliated with Franciscan priests. Those without means can apply to hospital charitable foundations for grants to fund their rehabilitation treatment at their facilities. The American Hospital Directory maintains a free list of all medical facilities in the country including ownership and affiliation information. Your state department of health can also tell you about facilities in your area. See resources for more details.

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