How to Close a Charter Cable Account

Charter Communications is the fourth-largest cable television, phone and Internet provider in the United States, offering service to nearly 5.5 million customers in 27 states as of May 2011. While Charter does have its share of deals for packages, you may find yourself in need of a change. In order to close your Charter account and begin service with another provider, you must let the company know of your intentions and request to have your service discontinued.


Step 1

Pay your current outstanding bill in full. If you have any unpaid balances on your account, you can discontinue service, but you cannot close the account.

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Step 2

Call Charter Communications at 1-888-438-2427 to reach the company's corporate customer service line or call your local Charter provider at the phone number that is listed on your cable bill.

Step 3

Request from the customer service attendant that you would like to discontinue your service. The attendant will ask you for a reason. If you have found a better deal, tell him. He may be willing to match the offer. If not, he will thank you for your patronage and tell you that he hopes the company can be of service to you in the future.


Make certain that your account is not in arrears before attempting to close your account.