Help Paying My Cable Bill

Senior discounts, bundles and firm negotiating can help you pay your cable TV bill.

Because cable television is generally considered more of a luxury than a life necessity, you won't find a great number of organizations that are willing to grant you the funds to help you with paying your cable bill. However, you can find a few ways to reduce your bill, keep up on payments and prevent late fees and disconnection.


Money-Saving Bill Payment Options

Sometimes customers aren't aware of the extra charges for late payments that are added to their cable bills. Even if you mail your payment on time, there is no guarantee that the mail service is on schedule. Most cable TV providers now offer online bill payment options that can help prevent late payments. You can also sign up for automated billing, in which your monthly payment is automatically debited from the account of your choice. Such methods can save you the time and expense of visiting the post office or cable company, stamps and late fees.


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Negotiating Lower Rates

Though the cable company will not help you pay your bill, it is almost always willing to help you lower it in an effort to keep your business. Cable TV providers run promotions and specials all the time. Sometimes, switching to a "bundle" that includes telephone or Internet services can drastically lower your rate and it may actually cost less to the include additional services. Many cable TV subscribers have also found that negotiating new contracts with their providers -- based on a lower-priced competitor -- can result in lowered rates, credits and overall savings..


Help For Seniors

Because senior citizens are oftentimes restricted to their homes and rely on television as a source of entertainment and a substitute for companionship, certain states -- like New Jersey -- provide funding to senior residents who need help affording their cable television service. Many cable TV providers nationwide also offer special discounts to senior to help pay their cable bills.


Economical New Technologies

With modern technology evolving at a rapid pace, in coming years cable companies expect to be able to reduce rates and help you pay your cable bill right from your living room couch. In fact, a software solutions company, CSG Systems and Fourth Wall Media Television, has already developed an application that sends messages to subscribers' television screens -- regardless of the channel viewed -- alerting them of charges due for cable service. Viewers also have the option to pay the bill -- through the TV remote control -- by following a series of on-screen prompts. According to developers, use of the new application can reduce a cable bill and prevent late fees.



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