Charities to Help Pay Water Bill

If you need help paying your water bill for the month, you can turn to charitable organizations for financial assistance. Charities generally provide utility help as part of their emergency assistance programs. Specific program guidelines and eligibility vary based on the organization and location. Generally, you'll need to provide a past-due water bill, proof of income for the last 30 days and photo identification. If approved for help from the charity, the payment generally is made directly to the water company on your behalf.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a national organization dedicated to helping people struggling with basic needs. Although the specific programs vary based on location, the majority of Catholic Charity dioceses offer help with utility bills, including water bills. You'll need to provide a copy of your water bill, proof of income and documents to verify your identity -- and you don't have to be Catholic to receive assistance. Through, you can search for help near you.

Salvation Army

Certain Salvation Army locations offer financial assistance directly to individuals in need. If your local Salvation Army office doesn't provide assistance to the public, it can refer you to another organization or charity that may be able to help. The Salvation Army often teams up with utility providers to administer programs that offer financial relief. For example, H2O Help to Others is a collaborative effort between American Water and the Salvation Army. The program provides emergency financial assistance to customers who can't pay their water bills. Go to to find a local office or contact your water provider to inquire about programs it may offer.

Lutheran Services in America

Lutheran Services in America is a non-profit organization with hundreds of offices throughout the country. The organization provides various services, including financial assistance for emergencies. Funding is awarded to help with essential needs and unpaid bills, such as a water bill. You can search for emergency assistance programs in your area using the "Search for Services" tool on the Lutheran Services website, or call 800-664-3848 for more information.