How to get a Verizon Discount

Through some basic research, any Verizon customer can net a discount on their offered services. A customer has two options to work to lower their bill, either call the customer service number at 1-800-837-4966, or go to a local Verizon store to speak to an account representative in person.


Plan Check

Talk to a customer service representative to ensure you have the best plan for your family. A rep can analyze your bill and your recent usage, which can help you determine the most economical plan for your needs. If you are being charged a large amount of overage, simply changing to the correct plan for your usage will likely save you money each month. Additionally, look at each service you pay for each month. Some people carry services through their phones they may not need. For example, you may be able to drop roadside assistance through Verizon if you're already getting it through an auto club.


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Connecting with Discounts

Ask the customer service representative about additional discounts. For example, check with your employer's human resource department for any company discounts you haven't claimed. You will need to show Verizon proof of employment, like a pay stub, to get the discount. You can do this at a store or via email or fax. Military members and veterans are eligible for a discount and proof of service will be required. For more possibilities, check the's Discounts and Validations FAQs page.


Loyalty Counts

Customer service reps do have some leeway to give loyalty discounts to longtime customers with a history of good service. It never hurts to ask if you qualify. You can also ask the rep to see if your usage and data needs qualify you for a Smartphone Loyalty Plan. In most cases, unless there is a serious customer service issue, only one such discount can be applied per year.