How to Lower a Sprint Cell Phone Bill

Many Sprint customers can receive credits and discounts on their monthly bills that greatly reduce the amount they have to pay. Ask if you're eligible for discounts through your employer, bank or volunteer organization, and take advantage of those connections to lower your rate.

Loyalty Service Credit

If you're already a Sprint customer, and want to lease a new phone, you may be eligible for Sprint's loyalty service credit. The amount of the credit varies. For example, if you're leasing a new phone for $20 per month, your loyalty service credit could be as high as $15 -- lowering your lease price to $5 per month.


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Sprint Discount Program

In many cases, you'll be able to save on your bill based on where you work or which organizations you belong to. Sprint offers discounts to:

  • Students and university employees
  • Teachers and school district employees
  • State government employees
  • Federal government employees
  • Credit union members
  • Employees of some companies
  • Employees and members of organizations
  • Military service members


The discount amount varies, depending on the agreement between Sprint and your organization. For example, AAA members and credit union members receive a 10 percent discount, while federal government employees <ahref="http:"" support="" article="" faqs_about_sprint_lease="" b91a834e-e06f-4321-a97f-a0888b419994#!="" "=""> </ahref="http:>receive a 15 percent discount.


To see if your school, company or organization is part of Sprint's discount program, enter your affiliated email into their online search system, call their customer service line at 1-866-639-8354, or stop by your local Sprint store. If you verify online, you'll receive an email from Sprint. Open the email, click the verification link and complete the online form. You'll be asked to upload and email appropriate documentation, such as an employee badge, membership card or statement.



Sprint Deployed Military Program

Deployed military members can have their accounts suspended during their deployment, allowing them to save money on their monthly bills while still keeping their individual account open and the phone number valid. Military personnel can also place their own line on suspense, while leaving other family member lines active.


To enroll in the program, call 1-866-954-0492 for customer assistance. The account may remain suspended for up to 36 months.

Dropped Call Credit

If you experience a dropped call, Sprint will offer you a credit as compensation. Dial *2 from your Sprint phone, or call customer service at (888) 211-4727. When prompted to state the reason for your call, say, "I want dropped call credit." Comply with the resulting prompts to receive credit.


You can request credit for up to four dropped calls at once. Sprint will offer a maximum of 20 dropped call credits during a 30-day period.



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