How to Get an Itemized Receipt From the Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory can give you a duplicate itemized receipt if you have lost the original.

After paying for a meal at the Cheesecake Factory, every restaurant guest should be given an itemized receipt, showing each item purchased, the price of each item, the total balance due, and the amount of funds rendered. If you have not been given a receipt, or have lost a receipt that you need from a past meal purchase, it is possible to obtain a duplicate itemized receipt. This process is simple, only requiring you to call or visit the restaurant to get a copy of the itemized receipt.


Step 1

Return to the Cheesecake Factory restaurant where you made the purchase that you would like an itemized receipt for. If you are not able to return to the restaurant, call the restaurant instead.

Step 2

Ask to speak to a manager.

Step 3

Tell the manager that you need a copy of an itemized receipt from a purchase that you have made in the past.

Step 4

Give the manager all of the pertinent information he or she would need to know about your purchase. Try to provide the manager with the date of your purchase, the time of day that you were there, whether you payed with cash or a credit card, and your server's name if you know it. If you paid with a credit card, also provide the manager with the card number, if available.

Step 5

Give the manager your name and address if you need the receipt mailed to you.