How to Prove That You Paid With a Money Order

Always get a receipt for your money order purchase.

If you do not have a bank account, you can pay your bills with a money order. Money orders are available at a number of different outlets, from convenience stores and grocery stores to discount retailers and check cashing outlets. When you purchase a money order, you should keep a copy of the receipt in a safe place. You will need that receipt should a dispute arise regarding your payment. If you have the receipt in hand, you can use it to prove that you did indeed pay the bill in question.


Step 1

Find the receipt you received when you purchased the money order. You should have received a receipt from the clerk when you bought the money order to pay your bill.

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Step 2

Make a copy of the money order receipt. Present that receipt to the person or entity to whom you made the payment.


Step 3

Contact the issuer of the money order, e.g., Western Union or MoneyGram, to get information regarding when the money order was cashed. You only need to take this step if the creditor does not accept your money order receipt as proof of payment.




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