How to Obtain a Property Title

Contact your local tax assessor office for property information.

A property title is a document that shows such information as he name of the owner, purchase price, date of the purchase and brief description of the property. Every property owner should have a copy of her property title. If you do not have this document and need to know where to find it, all of the property records are public information and can be found at your local tax assessor's office.


Step 1

Visit your local tax assessor's office.

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Step 2

Use property maps in the tax assessor's office to help you find the parcel number to your property. The maps should be located on a counter in the office. You will need your property's tax parcel number to obtain a property title. Write the parcel number down.



Step 3

Walk up to the service desk and let the person behind the desk know that you are there to obtain a copy of your property title. You will need to give the tax parcel number and pay a small fee, but you will receive a copy of the property title before you leave.


Always keep important documents, such as a property title, in a safe and secure location that you will not forget about. The rules for obtaining a copy of the property title may be different in your town. Contact your local tax assessor office to get more information on obtaining a property title. Avoid visiting the tax assessor’s office during lunch hours. You may be able to purchase a copy of the property title from your local tax assessor's website and save a trip to the office.



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