How to Find the Map Number of My Property

Every property has a unique map number.

The property map number is a series of characters, consisting of digits or letters, that county officials assign to lots of property to help them with identification. In most counties every parcel of land has its own unique map number. It's also known as a parcel ID or a parcel number. Your map number is usually assigned and tracked by a county auditor or tax assessor. The easiest way to find the map number of your property is to use the property search function of your county auditor's website.


Step 1

Go to the website of your county government. County auditors and tax assessors are most likely to track the map number of your property, so check to see if there is a section of the website devoted to these departments. A section titled "Property Search" or something similar might be an option too. For example, in Greenville county there is a tab that says "Popular Services" and a drop down box that says "Real Estate" which leads to the option "Property Search."


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Step 2

Type in your address. An exact address will return more accurate search results than just a street name. Counties can also give you the option to search for a property by owner name.

Step 3

Choose your address from the search results. Many counties return search results presenting the property address, owner, and map number, so the number may be available at this step. The term "parcel ID" or "parcel number" can be taken to mean map number in most circumstances.



Step 4

Find the map number in the property description. Different counties provide different levels of information about a property. In many cases the map number will be displayed prominently on the first page, but in some cases you may have to choose other tabs to find the number.


If your county does not provide access to map numbers online, call them in person and have someone look up the number for you.

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