How to Find a BC PID Number

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Some provinces in Canada--like British Columbia--assign a unique, nine-digit parcel identification number to every plot of land within the province, according to Den-Mara Research Services, a title research firm. These computer-generated PIDs have a variety of uses, ranging from tracking owners and land values to organizing tax assessments by BC Assessment, the province's tax assessor. There are several ways to find your BC PID number.


Step 1: Find your parcel identification number

Find your parcel identification number by using the search tool on BC Online, the site created by the provincial government to allow citizens electronic access to government services. Although access to the site requires a paid subscription, BC Online's tools offer homeowners four different kinds of reports about their parcel of land, all of which provide the parcel identification number (see Resources).


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Step 2: Contact your local area office of BC Assessment

Contact your local area office of BC Assessment to find your PID number. The provincial government's informational website (see Resources) features a complete listing of all assessment area offices within British Columbia, as well as their contact information. Staff at each local area office can assist you in finding your parcel identification number.


Check paperwork related to the ownership of your land parcel to find the PID number. BC Assessment places the PID number on all property tax assessment notices that it sends to homeowners. Mortgage paperwork includes the PID, as do the title transfer document and the title to the land. Any of these documents--originals or copies held by the bank--will help you find your PID number.


Step 4: Use a title research firm to find your PID number

Use a title research firm to find your PID number. Note that title research firms charge a fee to perform research and produce a report--but these companies do have access to government databases and can help you find the PID number relatively quickly. Although fees vary from company to company, a simple title search by your address ranges between $30 and $40, depending on how quickly you need the information.


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