How to Get a Duplicate Property Tax Payment Receipt

Keep good track of your property tax payments and receipts to start with. When you receive a paid property tax receipt, make a copy of it at that time and keep a duplicate file of all your paid property receipts.

Use the information from your current paid property tax receipt, such as your account numbers, property legal description and county information to access the website for your county tax office. There should be an option on their web page where you can request a duplicate tax receipt. There may be a charge for this duplicate property tax receipt. Some areas may have separate taxing authorities that keep individual records. You would have to contact each taxing authority separately to request a duplicate property tax receipt, such as school districts, city and utility districts.

Go in person to the county tax office or each taxing authority to obtain a duplicate copy of your property tax receipt. You will probably have to pay a small fee to cover the processing of the duplicate receipt. If you have separate taxing authorities, you will have to go to each taxing authority's office for the appropriate duplicate tax receipts.

Call the county tax office or each taxing authorities to request a duplicate copy of your property tax receipt.

Take advantage of an email request if you can find an email address for a contact at the county tax office and the other taxing authorities. This is a handy way to make such a request as you actually end up with a copy of your request in your "sent" files.