How to Get Proof That Tax Liens Have Been Paid

Step 1

Make a copy of each Notice of Federal Tax Lien you receive, notifying you of the tax lien.

Step 2

Write a letter to the IRS requesting a formal copy of your recorded Certificate of Lien Release. Include your name, address and the date of your request. Note that you previously paid off the tax lien in full and would like proof that the tax lien is no longer in effect.

Step 3

Include proof that you have, in fact, paid off the tax lien. A copy of a canceled check to the IRS in the amount of the lien or a copy of the receipt for your payment to the IRS both serve as acceptable proof of payment.

Step 4

Mail the letter, copies of each Notice of Federal Tax Lien you received and your proof of payment to the IRS. The mailing address you must use will vary, depending on your location.