How to Know if You Have a Tax Intercept on Your Taxes

Step 1

File your tax returns and wait a few weeks to receive your refund check. The IRS typically sends refund checks within six weeks after acknowledging receipt for paper filings. However, if you filed electronically, the IRS typically sends refunds within three weeks after acknowledging your return. Amended returns can take eight to 12 weeks.

Step 2

Check your offset notice. If the FMS proceeds with an offset, it sends a notice to the taxpayer notifying him of the offset, whom to contact do dispute the offset, and the amount before and after the offset.

Step 3

Contact the agency listed on your offset notice if you believe your offset mistakenly occurred.

Step 4

Call the IRS Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954. You can also check your refund status electronically by using its "Where's My Refund?" system (see "Resources").

Step 5

Give the IRS Refund Hotline representative your Social Security number, the amount of your refund from your tax return and your filing status, or provide them electronically.