How to Close My JCPenney Account

Cancellation by Mail

Locate your most recent JCPenney credit card account statement. If you do not receive a monthly statement for a revolving balance, determine the last month you received a bill and search for the statement in that month's expense or bill file.

Compose a letter to JCPenney customer service at P.O. Box 965009; Orlando, Fl 32896-5009. Double-check your most recent statement, to verify that the address for customer service has not changed.

Relate to customer service that you wish to close your JCPenney account. Include your account number, and if at all possible, include a copy of one of your statements, so that the number can be seen on official customer correspondence.

List your full name and address on the letter. You must be listed on the account for your correspondence to be acknowledged.

Wait for a letter acknowledging the cancellation of your card account. You may receive a direct acknowledgement of the cancellation, or you may receive a request to call a toll-free number and further verify your request. Follow any provided instructions to ensure that your account is promptly cancelled.

Cancellation over the Phone

Call JCPenney customer service at 1-800-527-0881. Verify that this is the current phone number listed at the top of your most recent statement.

Follow the vocal prompts until you are on the line with a live customer service representative.

Tell the customer service representative that you want to cancel your JCPenney card account. Be prepared to answer questions, such as why you want to cancel your account and be ready to verify your Social Security Number's last four digits, your full name, the account number and your address.

Ask for a confirmation number to refer to, if you must call back in the future. If you do not receive a confirmation number, write down the day and time of your phone cal,l as well as the name of the person you spoke with on the phone.