How to Close an HDFC Bank Account

How to Close an HDFC Bank Account
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As a customer of HDFC Bank, you can close any of your accounts at any time. However, HDFC Bank may ask for your reasons for closing, so it can get information on how to improve its products. The process of closing your account follows the same basic steps no matter what type of HDFC account you have.

Step 1: Fill Out Account Closure Form

You can download the Account Closure Form from the HDFC website or ask for a form at any HDFC bank branch. The form asks for your:

  • Account number
  • Name of account holder, or names if it's a joint account
  • Instructions on transferring any remaining balances


All account holders must sign the disclosure form in the order the names appear on the account.

HDFC only accepts Account Closure Forms in person at your home branch where you opened the account, or mailed to the home branch. If you're attempting to close a checking or savings account that is linked to a credit card or mutual fund account, close the linked account first and then the banking account.

Step 2: Transfer Out Funds

You can request in the Account Closure Form to have HDFC transfer your remaining balance to another HDFC account or an outside account by providing the account and client ID numbers for the other account. Other options include transferring the money out yourself prior to submitting the Account Closure Form, or asking for the remaining balance in cash or a manager's check.

Step 3: Complete the Cancellation

HDFC asks that you destroy or turn in any checkbooks and debit cards associated with the closed account.


If your account was dormant, you must re-activate it first before closing it by submitting a written letter to the bank requesting re-activation.