How to Redeem Western Union Points

If you have a Western Union Gold Card and use it frequently, you may have rewards points. You can redeem points for various items such as gift cards, cash back or free phone minutes. Rewards points expire two years after the date of issue, so it's best to redeem them right away to prevent losing them.


Redeem Points Online

Step 1

Log in to the Gold Card website at Enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields and click the "Log In" button. This should take you to your account page, which shows the number of points you have.


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Step 2

Choose a reward from the choices listed. Your choices include such rewards as $5 cash back or $12 off your next transaction. Click the box underneath your desired reward.

Step 3

Confirm your reward. After you click on a reward choice, an information page will appear. This page will show the reward you want to claim and allow you to finish your order. Click "Complete Order," and your confirmed reward will appear on the next page. If you want to select another reward, go back to your account page and choose again.



If you do not have Internet access, call Western Union's toll-free number, and an agent will assist you with redeeming your points.

Check your reward history if you want to see the status of your order. After signing in, select “My Rewards" and then “Order History.” A list of all of your rewards will appear with a status for each. If “In Process” is next to a reward, it has not yet been issued. Some rewards take time to process. If your reward is still pending after a few days, call the Western Union toll-free number to inquire about the wait.



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