How to Apply for a WIA Grant in North Carolina

The federal government established the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) in 1998. The WIA aims to help individuals who are out of work get access to the resources they need to improve their employment prospects. Adults in North Carolina who are unable to find work may be eligible to receive job-training funding through the WIA. While basic WIA services are available to all residents of North Carolina, more intensive services, including training funding, are available only to those who qualify. In general, you must be from a low-income family or be recently laid-off to qualify for more intensive WIA services.

Step 1

Contact your nearest JobLink Career Center (JLCC). JLCCs are responsible for providing job search and training resources, including WIA funding, to the residents of North Carolina. JLCCs may have differing eligibility requirements for WIA applicants. Depending on your particular circumstances, you may also need to already be receiving public assistance or have a family income that falls below a JLCC-determined threshold to qualify for funding. Recently laid-off workers generally do not need to meet these income requirements. You can find a link to North Carolina JLCC contact information in Resources.

Step 2

Register for JLCC core and intensive services. In general, applicants must make use of JLCC preliminary services before they are eligible for WIA training funding. JLCC core and intensive services include job search assistance, employment assessment and employment planning. You will need to submit various documents when applying for these programs. Depending on your situation, these documents could include proof of income, proof of receipt of public assistance or proof of a recent layoff. You can only get WIA funding once you have used these other JLCC services and have still failed to find employment.

Step 3

Find a North Carolina State Training Accountability and Reporting System (NCSTARS)-registered training program. You can only use WIA funding for training programs registered with NCSTARS. You can find training programs for divergent trades and professions, and your JLCC adviser will help you choose a program that best suits your needs.

Step 4

Set up your Individual Training Account (ITA). Once you have been approved for WIA funding, you and your JLCC adviser will set up your ITA account. You will pay for your training from this account. In general, ITAs are available for no more than two years, so you are encouraged to choose a training program that can be completed quickly.

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