How to Deposit a Cashier's Check

How to Deposit a Cashier's Check
Young adult deposits a check through a bank teller

Electronic Options

If it’s inconvenient to deposit the cashier’s check with a teller, you have several other options. You also can deposit it at an ATM by endorsing the check and submitting it as instructed. If your bank offers deposit using a smartphone, you’ll be able to deposit it using that device as well. Simply take a picture of the front and back of the check and submit it using the app your bank provides.

Funds Availability

People who buy cashier's checks have to provide the money at the point of purchase. The bank then moves the funds into one of its own accounts and issues a check signed by the cashier, allowing the recipient to draw on the bank’s funds for payment. Because it’s a more reliable form of payment than a personal check, you’ll usually have up to $5,000 of the funds available the next business day if you present the check to a teller for deposit. If you use an electronic option, you may have to wait another day or two.