How to Sign a Check for Deposit Only

A check made out to "Cash" with no endorsement is open game for thieves to cash.
Image Credit: TongRo Images/TongRo Images/Getty Images

"For deposit only" is a restrictive endorsement placed on the back of a check to prevent its unauthorized use. To endorse a check in this way, you simply write this phrase above your signature in the endorsement section on the back of the check.


Restriction Benefits

When someone writes you a check, the bank normally requires you to sign it to receive the funds. With a "For deposit only" designation, the payee named on the account can only deposit it, not exchange it directly for cash. Even you, as the recipient, can't receive cash for the check after you put this restriction on it.

Additional Endorsement Considerations

Most checks have a clearly designated endorsement space on the back side. Some endorsement areas are blank spaces, while others have lines for you to use. The sooner you write "For deposit only" and sign your name below, the sooner you can feel safe that the check won't get cashed if it falls into the wrong hands.