How to Correctly Fill Out Bank Deposit Slips

Deposit Slip Format

You can use the preprinted deposit slips that come with checks you purchase or counter deposit slips furnished by your bank. Look on the left-hand side of the deposit slip. If it’s the preprinted version, you’ll see your name and account number. On counter deposit slips, you'll need to write this information in the spaces provided. Enter the date. There’s also a space to sign the deposit slip, although this may be optional unless you are depositing only checks and getting cash back.

List Items for Deposit

On the right-hand side of the deposit slip is a column of spaces or lines. This is where you record the amount of each item you deposit into your account. The top line is for cash. If you are depositing currency or coins, put the total here. Typically, below the cash line are three lines for checks. If you are depositing three or fewer checks, enter the amount of each check on a separate line. If you have more than three checks to put in the bank, list only the first two and leave the last line blank for now. Flip the deposit slip over and write the amounts of the remaining checks using the spaces printed. Add up the checks listed on the back of the deposit slip, turn it front side up and write the total from the reverse side in the space you left blank.

Figure Net Deposit

Below the spaces where you’ve written check amounts is the subtotal line. Enter the total of cash and checks here. Banks typically allow you to get some cash back. If you are depositing only checks and want some cash for immediate needs, write the amount on the line labeled “Less Cash Received” just below the subtotal line. Subtract the cash you are requesting from the subtotal and put the net deposit amount on the bottom line.

Endorse Each Check

You must endorse checks before you can deposit them. On the reverse side of each check, write “For Deposit Only” if you are not getting any cash back. Sign your name. You can write your bank account number below your signature, although banks typically don't require this. If you want to receive cash back, omit the phrase “For Deposit Only.”