How to Print Information on Blank Bank Checks

Learn how to complete temporary bank checks.

When you first open a checking account at a bank, the bank hands over temporary checks for you to use until your pre-printed checks come in. The blank bank checks look the same as a regular bank check, except your personal information is not pre-printed in the upper left hand corner of the check. If you're using blank bank checks, make sure that you print the necessary information on the temporary check before using it.


Step 1

Write your full name. On the first line in the upper left hand corner of the check, write your full legal name as it appears on your bank account. Write your name in script (not cursive), block letters and be sure that you write legibly.

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Step 2

Add street address. On the line right below your name, add the street address of your home or mailing address that you use for your bank account. Only include the house number, street name and any apartment number on this line.


Step 3

Write the city, state and ZIP code of the address you use on your bank account on the third line in the upper left hand corner, right under the street address.

Step 4

Add optional information. If you wish, you can add other personal contact information on the fourth line, such as your phone number or driver's license number.


Step 5

Complete the date line. Write in the date you are writing the check on the pre-printed date line. Fill-in the month, date and year.

Step 6

Complete the Pay to the Order of line. Write in the name of the person or company you are writing the check to.


Step 7

Fill in check amount. The small box to right of the Pay to the Order of Line is where you write in the numerical value of the check. For example, if the check is for $25, then write in 25.00. The dollar sign is a pre-printed symbol on the check.

Step 8

Write check amount in words on the line right below the Pay to the Order of line. For example, write twenty-five for $25.00. If there is change involved in the transaction, then write the an equation that has the amount of change on the top over 100 (as in 100 cents). So, if the check is for $25.10, then you would write twenty-five and 10/100.


Step 9

Write a memo on the left side of the bottom of the check, on the memo line. If you want to make a note as to what the check is for or if you have an account number for a bill you are paying, you can write this information here.

Step 10

Sign the check on the last line, which is on the bottom right corner of the check, on the signature line.