How to Read a Citibank Check

Citibank provides checks to account holders. To use a check to make a payment you have to designate a payee, fill in an amount to pay and sign the check. Once your payee receives the check, he takes it to his bank to deposit or cash. The payee's bank provides him with the funds and sends the check back to Citibank so Citibank can remove the funds from your bank account and send it to the payee's bank. To know how to write a check correctly, you need to know how to read the check first.


Step 1

Read your Citibank check from the top down. The top left corner of the check shows the name and address of the account holder; the top right of the check shows the check number. Below are a number of blank lines that all serve a purpose.

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Step 2

Locate the date the check was written below the check number. Underneath that is the name of the payee, the amount the check is written for and the signature line.


Step 3

Read the numbers at the bottom of the check; there are three sets of numbers. The first set is Citibank's routing number, the second is your account number and the third is your check number.




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