How to Write a Check for Under a Dollar

When you open a bank account you have the option to order checks for your account. A check is a piece of paper the size of a dollar bill that you can use to pay others. On a check you write the name of the person or company you are paying, the amount of the payment and your signature. This gives your permission for banks to authorize the transfer of your funds into the account of the payee on the check. You can write checks for any amount, even if that amount is less than a dollar, as long as you have the funds in your account to cover the total of the check.


Step 1

Use a pen with blue or black ink to write your check. On the top of the check, on the line titled, "Date" fill in today's date.

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Step 2

Write the name of the recipient of your check on the line titled, "Pay to the Order of". Use the full name of the person or business to which you are writing your check, unless the business tells you it's acceptable to abbreviate the title. For example, if you are writing a check to Watchtower Electric Company you can make your check payable to W.E.C. as long as the company gives you permission.


Step 3

Write the amount of payment in the box next to the name of the payee. In this box you use only numbers. For checks less than one dollar, place a decimal point in front of the number. For example, if you write a check for 82 cents, write it in this format: ".82".

Step 4

Enter the amount of the check on the following line by writing out the amount of the check. For example, if your check is written for $0.82 you will write, "Zero dollars and 82 cents". Cross out the "dollars" printed next to this line on your check.


Step 5

Sign your check on the signature line. If you are writing your check to pay a bill, you should include your account number on the line on the left-hand side of the bottom of your check.