How to Write a Letter for a Stale Dated Check

You can easily write a letter for a stale dated check.

A stale dated check is a check that hasn't been cashed within six months of the date it was issued. Some banks may still honor the check if it is passed the 180-day period, but they have no requirement to do so and can return the check unpaid if they want. If you have received a stale dated check from someone, you will have to send a stop payment or replacement letter to the original issuer of the check so a new check can be issued.


Step 1

Write the name of the original recepient of the check on the top left side of the page. Underneath their name, write their address, and then write their city name, state and zip code on the next line.

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Step 2

Skip a couple of lines and write the date that you're sending the letter out on the left hand side of the page.


Step 3

Skip another line and write: "Dear (Recipient's Names)." Add a comma at the end of the line, and on the next line write the date that the check was originally issued to him. For example, "On June 11, 2004, the following check was issued to you:"

Step 4

Skip a line and write the check number.


Step 5

Write the payee's name on the next line, and then write the monetary amount of the check on the next line.


Step 6

Skip a line and describe the intent of the letter. All you have to say is that the above check was issued to and hasn't been cashed within the six-month period. Go on to say that you'd like to re-issue the check, and you just need some additional information to do so. Write down your contact information and then add your signature to the end of your letter.


Step 7

Skip a few lines and add the address you would like the replacement check to be sent to. Skip a line and add a space for the payee to leave a signature, a printed name, the date and a telephone number.



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