How to Cash My Temporary Check

Temporary checks are issued to new bank accounts.

Temporary checks are typically issued to people with new bank accounts as a way to withdraw their money until their bank card arrives in the mail. A lot of fraud involves new checking accounts, so businesses such as check cashing services don't like to cash them or will completely refuse to cash them. You're better off just going to your financial institution to cash the check and withdraw the money from your account; you just need to fill out some information on the front of the check to receive your money.


Step 1

Write your name, address, state, ZIP code and telephone number in the upper-left front corner of the check. A regular check has this information printed on it, but a temporary check does not.

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Step 2

Fill out the rest of the check. Make the check payable to yourself for the amount you wish to withdraw. Sign the "Signature" part of the check. Endorse the back of the check in the provided endorsement space.



Step 3

Take the check to your financial institution. Hand the teller the check and tell him you wish to cash it. The teller will hand you your money. You may need to provide your driver's license for identity purposes.



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