How to Fill Out a Sun Trust Deposit Slip

SunTrust bank offers a number of financial services for personal account holders. When you visit the bank, you can deposit funds into your account with the help of a bank teller. To do this, you are required to fill out a deposit slip that details your information and the type of deposit you are making. All SunTrust branches have deposit slips available. If you cannot find the deposit slip area, ask a bank teller for one.


Step 1

List out the required personal information on the SunTrust deposit slip. This includes a full name and the date of the transaction. The name of the person making the deposit is not required, just the name of the owner of the account for which you are making a deposit. If you are planning to receive cash back, you will also need to sign your name in the signature space.


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Step 2

Write in the SunTrust account number in the area provided. This section is marked by a row of empty boxes. Write out the entire account number by putting a single number per box.

Step 3

Write out the amount of your deposit in the right-hand section of the slip. There is a section for checks and another for cash. If making a cash deposit, write out the total deposit amount in the boxes provided, specifying whole dollar amounts in the cash area and any change in the coins area. If depositing checks, write out the amount per each individual check. There is room on the back of the deposit for more checks if you are depositing several and run out of room on the front of the slip.


Step 4

Write out the total deposit amount of for all the checks listed on the back of the slip in the section marked total from other side. If you did not use the back of the slip, skip this step.


Step 5

Write any amount you wish to keep in the less cash received section. This amount will be given back to you in cash by the teller and will not be deposited in your account.


Step 6

Add up the total deposited amount including all checks and any cash, then subtract the less cash received amount. The final amount remaining is your net deposit, so write out the total in the space provided at the bottom.

Step 7

Take the deposit slip and any checks or cash to the teller to make a deposit.



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