How to Fill Out a Deposit Slip From Chase Bank

How to Fill Out a Deposit Slip From Chase Bank
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Things You'll Need

  • Chase Bank deposit slip

  • Cash or check being deposited

At first glance, filling out a Chase Bank deposit slip can seem confusing if you have never done it before. In reality, it is very simple and will only take a matter of minutes. Make sure you know the account number you are depositing into. If you do not know your account number, be sure to bring photo identification to the bank. Once you give this to the bank, they will be able to tell you your account number. Always sign the back of all checks before depositing. Many people also write "for deposit only" on the back of their checks, then sign them to ensure that nothing else can be done with their money.

Step 1

Write your account number in the upper left hand corner line of the deposit slip underneath where it says: Deposit to account #. In the lines underneath, write the date followed by your printed name.

Step 2

Sign your signature in the line underneath your printed name.

Step 3

Add up the total amount of money you are depositing, then write this number on the lower right hand side of the deposit slip under "Subtotal". If you are depositing checks as well, write the amount of each check separately under the lines to the right of the word "Checks". The subtotal should be the total amount of money (cash, checks, cash+checks) you wish to deposit.

Step 4

Write in how much cash back you want, if any, in the line underneath "Subtotal" where it says "Cash back". Leave this line blank if you do not want cash back. Cash back cannot be more than the amount you are depositing.

Step 5

Subtract cash back from the subtotal, and write this number in the "Total Deposit" line at the lower right hand side of the deposit slip. Take all cash, checks, and the deposit slip to the teller to make your deposit.