How to Deposit a Paycheck Into a Bank Account

Some employers still only issue paper paychecks.
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You have several options to deposit a paycheck from an employer. The simplest approach is to set up direct deposit. Alternatively, you can deposit the check at a bank branch location, through an automated teller machine or via your Smartphone.


Direct Deposit

Some employers require employees to set up direct deposit for payroll distributions. With direct deposit, your paycheck net amount is transferred into your bank account on payday. For employers, this approach offers convenience and eliminates paper check processing. Employees don't have to worry about making a trip to the bank to deposit the money.


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Bank and Smartphone Options

If you receive a paper paycheck, one approach is to take it to the bank for deposit. You can give it to a teller inside the bank and fill out a deposit slip. You also can deposit your check through one of your bank's ATMs. Many banks also offer customers the ability to deposit checks digitally by scanning the check with a smartphone. Banks that offer mobile deposits typically do so through an app. Each bank has its own requirements, but you normally scan front and back images of the endorsed paycheck.