How to Fill Out a Personal Check for Cash

Your bank will let you withdraw money with a check made out to "Cash" or to yourself.
Image Credit: Peter Galbraith/iStock/Getty Images

Writing a personal check for cash used to be commonplace, but today this method of withdrawing money from a checking account has largely been replaced by ATM transactions. But you can still use a personal check for cash if you need to. Since you are taking money out of your account in the form of cash, you will probably have to go to your bank because other businesses might not accept the check. Bring your driver's license or other valid photo ID.


Withdrawing Cash with a Check

There are actually two ways to fill out a personal check for cash. One is to write the word "Cash" on the line that starts "Pay to the order of," called the payee line. Alternatively, write your full name on the payee line. For safety's sake, you might prefer to use your name because a check made out to cash is a bearer instrument, meaning it can be used by anyone. Whichever method you choose, fill out the rest of the check as usual with the date and check amount and your signature. Turn the check over and endorse it with your name, whether you made it out to cash or to yourself. Present the check to the bank teller to get your money.

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