How to Trace Checks

Viewing your checks online is one way to trace your checks.

Your checks are important because they are used to take money out of your account and put it somewhere else. If your checks fall into the wrong hands or are cashed for the wrong amount, you will lose money and you might not be able to get it back. Luckily, several banks allow you to view your canceled checks online. This lets you trace your checks. You can see when they were cashed, who cashed them and you can look at a picture of the checks to be sure that they weren't tampered with.


Step 1

Sign up for online checking at your bank. You need to have an online account so you can view checks. While you are signing up, ask your bank if they allow you to see pictures of your checks online. If they don't, consider changing banks, because it is almost impossible to view and trace your checks unless your bank allows you to do so online. Wait for your online account to be activated, so you can access your account.


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Step 2

Scroll through the current list of your transactions. You will be able to see the deposits and any of the transactions for which you have spent money. Each time there is a check, the transaction will be listed as a check and will have the check number.

Step 3

Click on the check number and wait for the page to load. You will see a scanned copy of the check itself. The scanned copy will show you the front and the back of the check, so you can see if it has been tampered with. Also, you can see who signed the check and how much the check was for.