How to Check the Account Balance of an ATM Card

An ATM card is a plastic card provided by banks that allows customers to withdraw money from their checking or savings accounts without having to write a check. Unlike a debit card, ATM cards can only be used at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). When the card is inserted into an ATM machine, you can withdraw cash, make a deposit, transfer funds and check your bank balance.


Step 1

Insert your ATM card into the automated teller machine. Follow the instructions on the machine to ensure it is inserted correctly.

Step 2

Use the keypad to punch your PIN (Personal Identification Number) into the machine. This will allow you to access your bank account.

Step 3

Select "Balance" from the menu. Although the balance will typically show up on the screen, you may also request a printout of your balance to take with you.


Step 4

Request another type of transaction or end the transaction to log out of your account. Make certain that you have secured your card and it is not still in the machine.


Look at the back of your ATM card. Some banks print an 800 number on the back of the card that you can call to get automated banking information about your account. In some cases, this information may also be available online if you have signed up for online banking.


Although you may have a certain amount available in your checking or savings account, the amount you are actually able to withdraw at any one time with your ATM card may depend on your bank.

You can generally check your balance at any ATM machine; however, if the ATM machine is not part of the bank's ATM network, you may be charged a fee.