How to Check Your EZ Link Account Balance

EZ-Link is a smart-card system used in Singapore. While it is primarily used to pay public-transit fares, some retail outlets, such as McDonald's, accept EZ-Link for smaller transactions. There are numerous ways to check the balance of, or to increase the value on, your EZ-Link card.

Step 1

Find a general ticketing machine (these are usually located where EZ-Link cards are used including Singapore Metro, or MRT, stations). Insert your EZ-Link card into the machine to see the balance remaining on your card. You can also add funds to your card at the machine.


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Step 2

Visit the passenger-service counter at any MRT station. The service representative will be able to tell you the balance on your card.

Step 3

Check retail outlets. Most 7-11 stores, and some booksellers such as Bookhub and Pacific Bookstore, provide top-up machines for EZ-Link cards. You can check your account balance there as well.


Step 4

Purchase an EZ-online reader. If you have a personal computer and an Internet connection, you can plug in the reader and check your EZ-Link card balance online.


Step 5

Log on to the EZ-Link webpage. If you have your EZ-Link card number, you can check or add to your balance from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Step 6

Call the EZ-Link offices. While the corporate offices are not specifically dedicated to providing customer service, if you have no other options, they will be able to locate your account information for you.


If you use the EZ-Link website to check your account balance, you won't need any additional hardware but your card information may not be as safe because you're using an unsecured Internet connection.



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