How to Write a Check to a Child

Send money to a child by check.

When you wish to give money to a child -- perhaps a birthday gift or payment for an odd job -- you may want to write a check. A check is a safe way to send money because it prevents theft. However, if the child cannot sign his own name to endorse the check, the parents will need to endorse the check for the child. The age of the child will determine how to write a check to a child.


Step 1

Consider whether the child is old enough to write her full name -- first and last names. An advanced 5-year-old may be able to accomplish this. However, most children learn handwriting and how to write their own names in first grade. Ask the parents if you do not know.

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Step 2

Write a check out to a child if you know that the child can write his name legibly for endorsing.


Step 3

Write a check out to a child and a parent if the child is too young to endorse the check. Write the child's name, the word "or" and then a parent's name. The parent can then cash the check and hold the money for the child or give it to the child.


If you write a check to a child who cannot endorse the check, a parent will have to endorse the check with the child’s name, write “minor by” and then sign the parent’s own name underneath.


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