How to Deposit Checks in a Bank of America ATM Machine

How to Deposit Checks in a Bank of America ATM Machine
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Bank of America's automated teller machines free its customers from banker's hours. You can make trips to the bank at your convenience, along with your other errands. Unlike waiting in long lines inside the branch, every Bank of America ATM check deposit is simple and takes less time than parking your car.


Bank of America ATM Check Deposit Requirements

While you can withdraw funds from a BOA ATM without an account, only checking and savings account holders can use the bank's ATMs to make deposits. The most common way to make deposits is by using a debit card and your personal identification number; the bank automatically provides account holders with debits cards. Generally, you will choose your PIN when you activate your debit card.

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Bank of America ATM Check Deposit Procedures

You don't need a deposit slip to make your BOA ATM check deposit. Endorse your check by signing it on the reserve side as usual. Select "Deposit," then "Checks" when the ATM prompts you for which service you need. If you have more than one check to deposit, endorse them all before proceeding. Most BOA ATMs have a limit of 10 checks per deposit.


The ATM will prompt you to insert the checks into a special slot for check deposits. Once the slot closes, you'll need to wait until the ATM verifies the amount of your check. If you deposit more than one check, the ATM displays an image of each one so you can verify the amounts before you complete the deposit.

Troubleshooting a Bank of America ATM Check Deposit

In some cases, the ATM rejects a check that you are trying to deposit. Currently, BOA machines can't process any check that doesn't have the account and routing number printed with embedded magnetic ink. Checks produced on a home printer won't be accepted.


Extensive wrinkles or folds make it difficult for the ATM to read and process your check. Inserting a check face down usually results in rejection too. If the ATM rejects your check, first turn it over and check that you signed in the correct place. Then, follow the printed diagram on the check slot and re-deposit it.

Receipt Options for ATM Check Deposits

Bank of America gives you a variety of ATM receipt options. If you prefer digital records, choose to receive your receipt by email. You can also choose which type of paper receipt you want. Follow the prompts to select a receipt with images of the checks that you deposited or a summary of your deposit without images.


You also have the option of not receiving a receipt, but the bank can't give you an ATM receipt later. If you don't get one at the time of your deposit, you can retrieve the check images by logging into your account online.

Bank of America ATM Check Deposit Accounting

When you complete your transaction by 8 p.m. on any business day, you receive credit for your BOA ATM check deposit on the same day. However, the funds aren't always immediately available as cash would be. The type of checks, the issuer and your account terms are a few of the factors that determine how soon you have access to funds represented by your checks.


Bank of America ATM Check Deposit Using Chip Cards

When you make a deposit using a Bank of America debit card with an embedded chip, the machine retains your card until you finish your transaction. While the bank does this now to provide additional security, it's easy to forget your card when you're finished. To remind you to take your card, BOA ATMs blink and make an alert sound when they eject your chip-enabled card.