How to Get Free Visa Gift Cards

Many businesses and websites give away free Visa gift cards.

Visa gift cards are prepaid cards issued by various banks much like regular credit cards. Unlike a credit card, however, a gift card has a credit balance and can be used to purchase goods and services. Gift cards can be purchased at banks and retail outlets by individuals or companies that want to give a cash gift in the form of plastic. But there are ways to get them for free, too. Fill out a survey, take a quiz or watch videos on the Internet to earn free Visa gift cards from participating retailers and online merchants.

Step 1

Locate promotional websites that provide links to other websites offering free Visa gift cards. See the Resources section below for a few suggestions. While some national chains offer free gift cards, you won't usually find them on the stores' websites. Instead, you will have to go to a third party website to fill out a survey, click a link or vote on something in order to claim your free gift card.

Step 2

Visit the website you've selected and choose the promotion that you want to complete. Each promotion will offer a different gift card amount.

Step 3

Participate in a survey, quiz, discussion or user test. The website may offer you several of these options.

Step 4

Complete all of the steps, even if there are more than you think, until you see a screen that says you have earned your free Visa gift card. Many sites ask you to complete additional steps that you were not told about initially, but if you work through all of the steps, at the end you will receive your reward.

Step 5

Provide your email address on the registration form provided in order to finalize your free Visa gift card reward. Your valid email address is required and may be used for future marketing purposes.

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