Cheap Party Rooms in Manhattan

Many New Yorkers see their city as the only place on earth where they'd want to live. They face the challenges of the Big Apple because they thrive on life in this vibrant and exciting city. Manhattan also has a reputation as an expensive city, but residents can find ways to reduce costs and live well in Manhattan on a budget. Residents who want to rent an inexpensive party room can find options in Manhattan.

Finding a cheap party room in Manhattan requires a little detective work.

Center for Arts Education

The Center for Arts Education rents their Annex conference space on an hourly basis for quiet receptions, in addition to conferences and meetings. The CAE space includes a 1,000 square foot main area with facilities for seating guests. Rental costs vary according to the organization or individual who rents the room (profit or non-profit), time of the rental, number of guests and needed equipment.

Jewish Community Center

The Jewish Community Center in Manhattan offers rooms for parties at discount prices for JCC members. Interested individuals can rent rooms of various sizes and capacities including an auditorium, gymnasium, rooftop and other rooms. Facilities in the rented rooms can accommodate seated or reception-style events, formal and informal events and lectures and corporate meetings. The JCC requests that any food brought to the JCC have a kosher certification. Individuals who wish to rent out a room must fill out a room rental application detailing the renter’s needs and plans for the room.

Harlem YMCA

The Harlem YMCA, located at 180 W. 135th St. between Malcolm X Boulevard (Lenox Avenue) and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard (Seventh Avenue), rents out party rooms starting at $95 an hour, as of October 2010. Renters can pick from a selection of banquet rooms. The YMCA provides tables and chairs.

Apartment Complex

If you wish to hold a party in Manhattan you should first check to ascertain whether your apartment complex or your friends' complex has a party room. Residents can often rent out their apartment complex’s party room for a budget price, though they may need to put down a cleaning or breakage deposit first.

House of Worship

Check the facilities at your local church of synagogue. Oftentimes, local houses of workshop have rooms that they will rent out at a reasonable cost to people who want to have a party. Some rooms look like fancy events halls while others look like basement dens, but you can still save a good deal of money on the rental and put a fraction of your savings towards fixing the room up for your party.

University Rooms

Check university facilities to ascertain their policies for room rentals. A number of New York universities, including Columbia University and New York University, will rent out rooms to people who want to have a party for an inexpensive fee. Each venue has its own regulations regarding what kind of party the room can accommodate. In addition, some venues have special prices for student or faculty rentals. Columbia University rents out Social Work Building rooms at at 1255 Amsterdam Avenue. New York University rents out rooms at the Bronfman Center, the Casa Italiana, Furman Hall, Glucksman Ireland House and other NYU venues. Prices vary, depending on the hall or room and the relationship of the renter to the university.