How to Use a Prepaid Credit Card From Walgreens

How to Use a Prepaid Credit Card From Walgreens
A Walgreens prepaid credit card is a convenient financial tool.

Select the Walgreens prepaid credit card that you prefer from the display. Walgreens offers different graphics, as well as both Visa and Mastercard prepaid credit cards.

Present your prepaid credit card to the Walgreens cashier. Pay the purchase price of $4.95, as of 2010, plus the amount that you would like to load on the card. Walgreens accepts cash only for this transaction, according to the website. You may load any amount between $20 to $500.

Call the number given on the prepaid card package or visit the provided website using a computer with Internet access.

Follow the directions to register your Walgreens prepaid credit card. Provide all identifying information that the telephone voice prompt or website asks for, including your Social Security number. Select your preferences for your personalized card.

Use the card that you purchased at the store until your personalized prepaid card arrives in the mail. This temporary card is only valid in the United States, may not be reloaded and may not be used to access an ATM machine, warns the Walgreens website.

Activate your permanent personalized Walgreens prepaid credit card by following the instructions included, after you receive it in the mail. Either call the number on the card or make a purchase to activate the prepaid card.

Cut up and throw away the temporary card that you received with your initial prepaid purchase.