How to Combine Prepaid Debit Cards

Buy products with multiple debit cards.

Prepaid debit cards work just like a standard debit card. However there is a preset limit of money placed onto the card. If you are purchasing a product in person and don't have enough to cover the entire cost, you may combine prepaid debit cards to buy the item. However, it is not possible to perform this action over the Internet as you are not given the option to use multiple cards on the same purchase.


Step 1

Tell the store cashier you'd like to pay for your purchase with two debit cards.

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Step 2

Swipe the first prepaid debit card through the card scanner and write in how much you want to pay with the first card. Because it is a prepaid debit card and not a gift card you cannot simply use the rest of the card, unless you know the exact amount on the card.


Step 3

Sign for the first transaction. The cashier will print a receipt with the balance owed.


Step 4

Swipe the second prepaid debit card and follow the same steps. Accept the charge on the second card and sign the receipt. You may discard the debit card you used up.



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