How to Check Credit Card Purchases

Check your recent credit card purchases.

Purchases made with a credit card often take several days if not a few weeks to appear on a billing statement. If a purchase is made near the cutoff period for a particular card cycle you may wonder whether which statement it'll appear on. Thankfully there is a way to check on this information without waiting for the bill to come in the mail.


Step 1

Open the Internet browser and navigate to the financial site your credit card is through (such as Bank of America, American Express or Wells Fargo).

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Step 2

Type in the username and password, then click "Submit." In a moment your account information appears on the screen. If you do not yet have an online account select the "Register" option, then type in the requested information.


Step 3

If you have multiple cards through the same company, select the credit card you want to check the purchase on.


Step 4

Choose "Recent Activity," and all the recent purchases appear in a list format with the most recent at the top. Look through the list for the purchase in question.



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