How to Set Up PayPal Without a Bank Account

As long as you do not have the need to receive payments through your Paypal account, you can create a Paypal account without having a traditional bank account. Instead, you can use any major credit card, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Once you set up your Paypal account with your credit card, you'll be able to make payments online through Paypal without giving out your credit card number.


Step 1

Visit and click "Sign Up." Choose your account type. If you only want to use Paypal to make online purchases, click on "Personal." If you want to make purchases and receive payments, click "Premier." If you are a merchant using a company or group name, click on "Business." With the "Premier" and "Business" accounts, a bank account is required.


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Step 2

Type your email address, full name, address, telephone number and desired password. Click "Agree and Create Account." Check your email account and click on the email verification link from Paypal. Sign in to your newly created Paypal account.

Step 3

Hover your mouse over "Profile." Click "Add or Edit Credit Card" in the drop-down menu.


Step 4

Click "Add a Card." Input the credit card number, expiration date and billing address. Turn the card over and locate the three digit code on the back. Input it into the labeled box in the web form. Click "Add Card."


Step 5

Wait two to three days for Paypal to submit the verification transaction. Check your online credit card statement and look for the small deposit from Paypal. Look next to the transaction to find the four-digit Paypal code. Write it down.


Step 6

Log in to your Paypal account. Click on "Profile" then "Add or Edit Credit Cards." Click "Confirm" beneath the credit card. Input the four-digit code and click "Confirm." You can now use this card with your Paypal account to make online purchases.



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