How to Enter a Credit Card Number

How to Enter a Credit Card Number
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When making an online purchase, you are often presented with a few different payment methods. The first is check, in which you enter your routing and banking account numbers. The second method is via PayPal, where money is taken from an online electronic account. The third and probably the most used method is via credit card. This purchase method requires you to enter in your credit card number and information before completing the buying process.


Step 1

Select the object you want to purchase and proceed to checkout. Select your shipment method and your home address (and billing address, if different).

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Step 2

Type in the full number on the front of your card. It is easiest to keep your card next to your keyboard so the numbers can easily be seen and typed. Double-check the numbers you typed and the numbers on your card to make sure everything is correct.


Step 3

Enter your full name, as it is shown on the card. Oftentimes this includes your middle initial.

Step 4

Type in the expiration date when asked. If your card expires 10/12, you select 10 (or October) as your expiration month and 2012 as your expiration year.


Step 5

Look on the back of your card if asked for a verification number, also known as CVV2, CVC2 or CID. On the back of the card, there is a series of printed numbers. The last three printed numbers is the code you want. If you have an American Express card, the verification number is printed on the front of the card and is four digits long.